About the Board of Directors

Pursuant to the Articles of Association, Hoist Finance’s Board shall be comprised of at least three and no more than nine members. Members of the Board are as a general rule appointed by the AGM for a one-year term. At an EGM in February 2022, the shareholders resolved to re-elect Peter Zonabend and elect Bengt Edholm, Camilla Philipson Watz, Chirstopher Rees, Rickard Westlund and Lars Wollung as board members until the end of the next AGM. Bengt Edholm is Chairman of the Board since 14 March 2022.

The Board members are all regarded as independent in relation to the company, executive management and major shareholders, except for Lars Wollung who is not indipendent in relation to the company and the executive management team, and Peter Zonabend who is not independent in relation to larger shareholders.

Work of the Board of Directors

The primary task of the Board is to serve the interests of the shareholders and the company. The Board is responsible for the company’s organisation and the management of the company’s business, and for ensuring that the Group is suitably structured to enable the company to optimally exercise its ownership responsibilities with respect to the Group subsidiaries. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with applicable laws and regulations, the Articles of Association and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. The Board is obliged to regularly assess the company's and the Group’s financial situation and ensure that the company’s organisation is structured to enable satisfactory monitoring of its accounting, management of assets, and general financial situation. The Board adopts financial targets for the company, decides on the company’s strategy and business plan and ensures good internal control and risk management. The Board’s duties and working methods are regulated by the Companies Act, the Articles of Association and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. The Banking and Financing Business Act also regulates the duties and work of the Board.

The Board has adopted written rules of procedure and instructions on internal reporting for the Board that deal with:

  1. The Board’s duties and responsibilities
  2. Members of the Board
  3. Chairman of the Board
  4. Board meetings and
  5. Board Committees