Our offering

Hoist Finance offers banks and financial institutions extensive support with debt restructuring solutions. We buy NPLs from reputable banks and financial institutions with a sound credit policy.

Partner to the European credit institutions

Hoist Finance is a partner to the European credit institutions, with loan acquisition and management operations across Europe. Our core business has since the start been the acquisition of non-performing loans (NPLs) originated by large international banks and other financial institutions with whom we have strong and long-term relationships. Solid experience, knowledge of the regulatory environment and presence in thirteen European markets enable us to offer banks and financial institutions extensive support with debt restructuring solutions. We are a supplier capable of servicing various stages of the credit risk cycle.  Our long presence in the NPL market resulting in strong relationships with potential asset sellers, allows us to do more investments in non-competitive, off-market bi-lateral trades.


Advantages of divesting NPLs from a banking perspective:

  • Allows more focus on core business

  • Reduces risk

  • Releases liquidity

  • Increases return on equity


Partner to people and SME’s

We are also a partner to people and SME companies in a debt situation. After purchasing a portfolio, the bank’s customers must be handled smoothly and with great care following the transfer of the portfolio to Hoist Finance. With strict procedures and processes and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), we can ensure fair and ethical treatment of customers in compliance with the selling bank’s compliance criteria. Our primary method to help the customers to get back into the financial ecosystem is by setting up sustainable repayment plans. The major share of acquired portfolios are serviced by our own credit management entities, supplemented in some cases by carefully selected external credit management partners.

We contribute to a well-functioning financial system

Supporting Customers

with sustainable repayment plans by amicable settlements and legal procedures

Supporting Credit Markets

by ensuring financial stability and contributing to a healthy financial ecosystem

Supporting Banks

to increase focus on their core business and reduce risk exposure

Supporting Society

by actively working towards financial inclusion