Hoist Finance launches customer interaction via WhatsApp in Italy

NOV 29 2019

Hoist Finance Italia has launched WhatsApp for Business, the Enterprise solution that will enable Hoist Finance to interact with customers in new and more efficient ways. Functions include a bulk messaging campaign capability and the possibility for customers to easily send photographs of required documents.

WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging platform and with a market penetration of 84%, it is by far the most popular messaging app in Italy. One of the main reasons behind the app’s popularity in Italy is that SMS is seen as relatively expensive.

Hoist Finance now offers the WhatsApp solution in Italy using the WhatsApp for Business API. The messaging interface has clear Hoist Finance branding to give customers confidence and trust that they are in contact with real advisors. WhatsApp is a secure communication channel which is important when sharing financial information with customers. Furthermore, the solution will enable customers to send photographs of documents required for the payment process. Bulk messaging information campaigns will be used to extend the reach to customers over time.

“This product launch is an important step towards becoming digital and finding solutions that fit the modern customer. With WhatsApp being the most popular messaging platform in Italy, I’m convinced that our customers will appreciate that they can now communicate with us through their favourite platform”, says Emanuele Reale, Hoist Finance Chief Operating Officer.

Hoist Finance partnered with Webio, a conversational middleware company, on this project this summer. Webio has an existing relationship with Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) and has supported Hoist Finance in obtaining access to the early adoption program for WhatsApp for Business. The Enterprise solution, together with Webio’s interface, allows Hoist Finance to use a web application to communicate in real-time with customers, assign conversations based on department, intelligent routing and auto responses as well as management reporting.