Our business model and strategies are focused on delivering value to all stakeholders

How we define our stakeholders

Hoist Finance’s stakeholders are groups and individuals who, directly or indirectly, are affected by the company’s operations: employees, shareholders, business partners, customers and society at large. The Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors have overall responsibility for balancing these interests, while securing the company’s survival.

Our stakeholder engagement process

Our stakeholder engagement process is our foundation for building a constructive dialogue with our key stakeholders. The purpose being to strengthen our relationship and to collect the non-financial aspects that our stakeholders consider most material for us to focus on. This is the basis for our materiality matrix and helps us prioritize.

Stakeholders dialogues

We, as Hoist Finance, think that great changes come with great relationships. This is why we take good care of starting interesting discussions with various stakeholders, all sharing the same values we cherish everyday.

Stakeholder Interaction

Our long-term success is tightly linked to how we manage our business in a sustainable manner and more specifically how we interact with our different stakeholders. For each stakeholder group, we have developed customized interaction strategies, as presented to the left. These strategies are helping us to minimize the negative impacts and amplify opportunities for positive impact on society, to create shared value for all parties.

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