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Maxime Pekkip on Financial Inclusion

Maxime Pekkip is Hoist Finance’s Engagement and Inclusion Project Manager, located in our Lille office in France. During 2021, he initiated two French pilot projects designed to learn more about our customers’ circumstances, enabling us to offer them advice and resources catered to their specific needs. This is a concrete step toward our commitment to financial inclusion. Can you describe the projects in brief? The Budget QualCo project is focused on receiving additional monthly budget information for French customers. This allows us to better negotiate fair repayment plans that allow each individual to keep their commitments without compromising on their quality of life. The Parcours 3 project originates from our customer profiles. We discovered that our overindebted customers benefit from coaching in order to access the appropriate support. Without the right information, they often stay stuck in precarious situations as they are unaware of their full social benefit entitlements and/or do not have access to proper financial services. How will these projects help inform Hoist Finance’s sustainability strategy? Through the analysis of our customers’ income and expenses, we have a better understanding of their situations and needs. Additionally, an important learning from Parcours 3 is that after receiving adapted coaching and personal advice, our customers’ financial situations tend to improve as well as their ability to get in control of their debts.

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