Hoist Finance takes action to support the people affected by the Europe floods

JULY 22 2021

As a local employer and stakeholder, Hoist Finance is deeply concerned by the dramatic situation in the flooded areas of Western Europe – a catastrophe of historic proportions affecting the everyday lives of a large group of people.

We are very committed to contribute to additional relief measures and local support, and have taken action by engaging employees all over Europe in a fundraising campaign. Each Euro raised by Hoist employees will be matched by Hoist Finance, and the funds raised will go to the Red Cross participating in disaster relief efforts for the affected regions.

Moreover, we are stopping all outbound calls to customers in the affected areas, and will also be allowing deferrals for customers in the region affected by the floods.

“Our solidarity goes out to all people in the affected areas. It must be devastating to see your whole life erased in an instant,” says Per Anders Fasth, CEO of Hoist Finance. “Our thoughts go out to those affected and the tireless efforts of the helpers on the ground. As a local employer, we would like to do our utmost to support this help.”