Sustainability integrated into our core

Our vision and mission clearly communicate our purpose. 'Helping people keep their commitments' and 'By your side' clearly show our commitment to finding sustainable solutions together with our customers. The ultimate goal is to increase the customers' prospects to re-enter the financial eco-system. There are many important sustainability aspects to consider but for us, the most material aspects fall within the ’S’ of ESG. Our Customers and Our People are the key drivers in our Sustainability strategy. This is where we have the largest sustainability risks and where we can make the most significant long-term impact.

Our major negative environmental footprint is the large number of letters we send out to our customers each year: approximately 10 million letters per year. A target in the strategy is to reduce the numbers of letters sent analogue to customers by making the shift over to digital communication whenever possible.

Our customers and employees are the main drivers of our sustainability strategy. We are deeply committed to understanding our customers' needs and to deliver a good customer experience. We continuously develop new digital channels for our customers to communicate with us and to make it easy to keep their commitments. Through our banking license we will offer affordable products and services enabling the re-entry to the financial ecosystem. To further support our customers and people in financial distress, we engage in local communities through partnerships with social enterprises focusing on financial inclusion in different ways.

Our work within governance is closely linked to human rights and the right to privacy and integrity. Here, we work diligently with protecting both customer and employee integrity and have a network of Data Protection Officers, throughout the company to ensure we comply with GDPR and similar regulations.

Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability efforts are aligned around four pillars, clearly connected to- and integrated within our business operation. Our aim is to reach a point where sustainability-related aspects are taken into consideration in all decisions and activities throughout the company. This is how we will contribute to sustainable development and create long-term shared value for all stakeholders. Our sustainability goals and targets are all connected to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Global Compact principles.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Hoist Finance supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have identified six goals that are particularly connected to what we do – Goals 3, 9, 10, 13, 16, and 17. We have chosen to integrate these goals into our own strategy and targets. Our philosophy is that our sustainability work should be integrated and relevant to our daily operations; everyone in the company should recognize how we contribute to the goals together.

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The agents are attentive to your needs and offer you solutions adapted to your situation. With their help, I've been able to pay off my debt despite my delicate financial situation!

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Our Stakeholders

Read about our stakeholders and value chain, focused on creating long-term shared value for all stakeholders.

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Sustainability Reporting

We are proud to be a Nasdaq ESG transparency partner as well as a Global Compact signatory. This means that we as a company are compliant with requirements and that we complete annual reporting. Our Sustainability reporting is completed according to GRI standards.

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