There are many important sustainability aspects to consider but for us, the most material aspects fall within the social area (’S’) of ESG. Our Customers and Our People are the key drivers in our Sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Strategy

Hoist Finance’s sustainability strategy is clearly connected to our business and value creation model and aims to contribute to sustainable development and create long-term value for all stakeholders. The material aspects collected in our stakeholder dialogues are embedded in our four strategic pillars seen below. Although we drive efforts in all three ESG areas, it is within the social area (S) where we, as a company, can really make a difference. By supporting banks and helping customers get back on track, we contribute to financial inclusion and economic growth in society.

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Our Stakeholders & Materiality

Read about our stakeholders and how we engage with them to ensure that our sustainability strategy is continously updated according to the non-financial issues that they find most material. This is how we ensure that we have the right priorities to create long-term shared value for all stakeholders.

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Sustainability Reporting

We are proud to be a Nasdaq ESG transparency partner as well as a Global Compact signatory. Furthermore, our measurable goals and targets are clearly aligned with the Sustainable development goals and our Sustainability reporting is completed according to the GRI standards. Read our integrated Sustainability report and look into our goals, targets, and performance below.

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