Our strategy

Hoist Finance’s experience, knowledge and long presence in the financial sector has resulted in our strategy.

Hoist Finance acquires unsecured and secured NPL portfolios from financial institutions, where the underlying customers are either consumers or small-ticket SMEs. Our long-term focus as well as flexible and tailored product offering have allowed us to develop the expertise to structure and execute complex transactions. A guiding principle has always been, and still is, to be prudent when bidding for debt portfolios. The major share of acquired portfolios are serviced by our own debt collection entities. We have many years of experience helping individuals to get back on track and regain control of their financial situation and offer tailored solutions based on customers’ individual circumstances. Third party servicing can be considered when it is beneficial.


Our operating model consists of two main areas:

The strategy is based on four strategic pillars:

Return driven investments

Active capital and resource allocation to reach attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Effective and efficient

Focus on core business and delivering on performance enhancement.

Digital and data driven

Operations based on data insights and digital solutions.

FSA regulated platform

Exploiting funding cost advantage and understanding of banking clients’ challenges.