Executive management

About the Executive Management

The CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors and runs the business in accordance with instructions adopted by the Board. The CEO is responsible for the company and group’s day-to-day administration pursuant to the Articles of Association. The CEO also works with the chairman of the Board of Directors to decide on matters that will be dealt with at each Board meeting. The Board of Directors adopts instructions for the CEO each year and evaluates the CEO’s duties on a regular basis.

Hoist Finance’s CEO heads, sets the meeting schedule for and appoints the members of the Executive Management Team. The Executive Management Team’s role is to prepare and implement strategies, manage corporate governance and organisational issues and monitor the company’s financial development. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that Board members receive essential information and decision data and for presenting reports and proposals at Board meetings on issues dealt with by management. The CEO keeps the Board of Directors and chairman updated on the company and croup’s financial position and development. The CEO’s work is evaluated by the Board of Directors on a continuous basis.

The CEO’s main duties include:

  • ensuring that the company’s financial reporting is carried out in accordance with applicable law and that assets are managed prudently;
  • serving as Group Chief Executive, which involves managing and co-ordinating group companies in accordance with the Board of Directors' guidelines and instructions; and
  • ensuring that Board of Directors resolutions are executed and keeping the Board updated on the development of the company and croup’s operations, performance and financial position.