Financial targets


By leveraging on operational efficiency efforts to become more cost-effective, we aim to reduce the cost-to-income ratio to below 65 per cent by 2023.
By ensuring the right balance between growth, profitability and capital efficiency we aim to achieve a return on equity exceeding 15 per cent.

Capital structure

Under normal conditions, the CET1 ratio should be 2.3 – 3.3 percentage points above overall CET1 requirements specified by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.


EPS (adjusted for AT1 costs) should by 2023 have grown by an average annual growth rate of 15 per cent compared to 2019, excluding IAC.

Dividend policy and dividend

Hoist Finance dividend will in the long-term correspond to 25-30 per cent of annual net profit. The dividend will be determined annually, with respect to the company’s capital target and the outlook for profitable growth.