Hoist Finance supports the aid effort in Ukraine

Following the devastation in Ukraine, Hoist Finance employees from Italy and Poland have come together in solidarity to support the recovery of refugees and also facilitate and organise essential and lifesaving donations. On the 25th March, our colleague Giovanni Toma, along with 9 other volunteers travelled from Italy to Poland and back again to support refugee families in finding suitable accommodation, whilst also providing them with essential supplies. The refugees consisted of women, children and orphans, proving just how important this initiative was and still is.

When asking Giovanni what this mission meant to him, he said:

“We are very proud to have had this opportunity to support the aid efforts. All of us had the same desire to help and achieve the same thing so I felt very proud to be part of it. Alongside this initiative, we have organised an internal collection for more donations and supplies for the Ukrainian people and hope to continue hosting any Ukrainian in need on Italian territory. Most importantly, we stand in solidarity with the whole of Ukraine”

To continue support this, our team in Poland have set up a central donation pot, where after the 5th June 2021, they will be using the money raised to support refugees now located in Poland.

On top of this, Hoist Finance has also donated SEK 250 000 to UNCHR, which provides direct support in the following areas:

  • Leads the work of offering fleeing people protection in cooperation with other UN agencies and local aid organisations.
  • Distributes emergency supplies such as water bottles, blankets, sleeping bags, hygiene items and winter clothes.
  • Sets up and run reception centres, i.e. places where people can get temporary housing, food and security.
  • Register and disseminate information to people
  • Will provide cash benefits to the most vulnerable people so that they can meet their daily needs.
  • Supports displaced people so that they can pay rent for temporary accommodation, so-called cash-for-rent

For more information on how Hoist Finance is supporting Ukraine, please contact our Communications Team on Communication@hoistfinance.com