Hoist Finance Awarded ‘Responding in a Crisis – Best Partnership Solution for Technology’ at ECCCSAS 2020

MARCH 24 2021

The win highlights how Hoist Finance last year worked together with Aspect Software to successfully transition all of its customer representatives to working from home, without any disruption to the customer experience, finishing a six-month roll-out plan in just eleven days. In eleven days, Hoist Finance, together with Aspect Software, transitioned all of its 800+ customer representatives to working from home – a process expected to take six months. For this successful implementation, causing no disruptions to the customer experience, Hoist Finance is now awarded.

Each year, the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) highlights the best work done in the customer service industry. For the first time ever, the prize Responding in a Crisis – Best Partnership Solution Technology, was handed out this year. The award highlights how customer services’ have responded to COVID-19, including changes to ways of working. And Hoist Finance won!

In February and March 2020, when the pandemic first hit Europe, Hoist successfully transitioned all of its customer representatives to working from home without any disruption to the customer experience. The project covered 800 employees across eight countries. Due to the severity of the situation, Hoist Finance, together with partner and product provider Aspect, managed to finish a six-month rollout plan in just eleven days.

"I am very proud of the team for this achievement. Not only for the prize, but also for the fact that they managed to successfully transition employees in eleven offices across eight markets without any downtime, which is remarkable. Hoist Finance aims to be digital inventors within our industry, and this is a great example of how we work towards that", says Klaus-Anders Nysteen, CEO of Hoist Finance.

Despite the quick transition, the teams were able to continue delivering customer satisfaction without disruption. One year later, several offices are still working mainly from home– using the same tools and products that were implemented during less than two weeks.

"This prize shows just how good our teams are at delivering world-class customer solutions. In the end, it doesn’t matter where our employees sit. Our customers can still trust them to be by their side", concludes Klaus-Anders Nysteen.

The ECCCSA is the largest awards of its kind in the industry. In 2020, companies from more than 25 countries participated in 36 different categories.