Hoist Finance partners with AppJobs to support customers in crises

MAY 5 2020

Hoist Finance launches a collaboration with AppJobs, the world largest digital platform for gig jobs, to help customers find new income sources in times of crises. With over six million customers in eleven European markets, Hoist Finance has direct insight into the financial situation of people due to the Covid-19 outbreak. An estimated 25 million people will lose their jobs as a result of the coronavirus, according to the International Labour Organisation.

For our customers who have suffered loss of income, we are now offering easy access to AppJobs, a free digital platform that is active in all our markets, has over 1 200 companies registered and gets more than 5 000 new gig job listings per week. The initial launch is in France, followed by the UK and Poland.

This is an initiative sprung from Hoist Finance new business area Retail Banking and Business Development led by Julia Ehrhardt.

“The collaboration with AppJobs is great added value to our customers during challenging times. Being able to present a possible solution for needed income not only deepens the trust between us and our customers, but also makes an actual difference in their lives. Our promise is to be by our customer’s side, understanding their individual situations and adapting our solutions thereafter. I am proud to present AppJobs as part of our wide array of solutions” says Julia Ehrhardt and adds: “we are constantly looking for new partnerships with organisations that can help us find solutions for our customers and make a difference in their communities and society as a whole”.

Referrals to AppJobs will happen through dialogues between our customers and our customer contact representatives. They will then enter the AppJobs platform where they can add their personal preferences and criteria before searching for a new gig job.

"When Hoist Finance asked if we could support their customers to find economic opportunity, we were impressed by their agility and we felt compelled to act in these difficult times. AppJobs match people with short term gigs on multiple gig-platforms, many of them that can be done from home. Since the pandemic started we've supported over 100 000 people in Europe to improve their financial situation. We hope that the cooperation with Hoist Finance will expand our support coverage and benefit more people" says Alok Alström, CEO and co-founder of AppJobs.

About Hoist Finance

Hoist Finance is a trusted debt resolution partner to individuals, companies and banks in eleven European countries. With over 1,700 dedicated colleagues, smart digital solutions and a deep understanding of individual financial circumstances, we help over six million customers keep their commitments. This is achieved by agreeing on sustainable repayment plans so that everyone is included within the financial ecosystem. Hoist Finance has a diverse portfolio of asset classes and our online savings platform in Sweden and Germany enables our unique funding model. Hoist Finance was founded in 1994 and is today a public company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit hoistfinance.com.

About AppJobs

AppJobs is the world’s largest community of gig workers with over 1 million members across 600 cities adding 30k+ members every week. Our mission is to empower everyone to play a role in the labor market through organizing personalized flexible job opportunities, tools, resources, and support. Through the platform members can find, compare, and review all app-based work in our vicinity.